Uncle Woody Sullender
Live at Barkenhoff
on dead ceo/Künstlerhäuser Worpswede $11 ppd

Concert cd recorded August, 2008 in rural Northern Germany. Sullender performs stylistic acrobatics on his "electronically augmented" banjo (designed with the help of the Dutch electronic performance center, STEIM), easily flowing from the Fahey school of lyrical romanticism into aggravated synth/banjo tones.

"what we hear is masses of inventive and sustained playing that will appeal mightily to any of listeners who recently discovered the amazing Robbie Basho... the musical phrases just seem to pour out of him, like an intelligent conversationalist armed with many an arresting anecdote from his unusual life. Sullender is carving out a unique niche, delivering an intelligent and skilled update on American folk forms." 
- Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector

"... the virtuosity, the fast finger-picking licks, improvisation skills, variety of ideas and a lot of experiments. This is not music you hear on everyday basis which is a pity, because it should be." 
Terrascope Online


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